National Assembly requests Lenín Moreno to appear in case of corruption

Lenín Moreno’s appearance will take place this Tuesday at 12:00 (local time).

The National Assembly of Ecuador requested this Sunday the appearance of President Lenin Moreno, within the investigation process that is being followed against legislator Eliseo Azuero.

The accusations against Azuero include managing public office and managing funds from the state budget destined for the construction of the Pedernales hospital. The need for the president to appear came from Assemblywoman Amapola Naranjo.

Naranjo asked that the 33 elements of conviction that served for the criminal prosecution of Assemblyman Azuero be incorporated into the process. Among them the transcription made in said process and the recordings of the plenary session of the 680 Assembly, where former Assemblyman Daniel Mendoza was censored.

In a statement signed by the reporting secretary Karla Banítez, the Multiparty Investigation Commission assures that

“It is imperative to insist and have the appearance of the President of the Republic so that the list of questions that I will present, must be addressed at the time of the appearance of the first president.”

Likewise, the communiqué highlights that in the event of receiving dissuasions from the summoned authority “any elusive action that does not allow clarification of the facts reported in the matter under investigation must be rejected.”

Legislator Eliseo Azuero was declared in absentia this Sunday by the Assembly’s Multiparty Commission. The motion was raised by the deputy Liliana Durán with the support of the rest of the members of this instance.

Azuero did not attend to present his defense evidence online: instead he sent a video and one of his lawyers to defend him. The fact was rejected by the Commission and the president of the same maintained that it is a personal and non-delegable procedure.

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