CNE needs more than USD160 million to cover the 2021 elections and outstanding debts

The Electoral Promotion Fund was established at USD 20’327.773, but the CNE has debts with the media for USD 31’356.705.

Despite the fact that the National Electoral Council (CNE) approved the Electoral Promotion Fund (FPE) for the propaganda of the candidates who will participate in the 2021 general elections, it carries a debt with the media from five previous campaigns, the amount of which amounts to USD 31’356.705.

The Electoral Promotion Fund was established at USD 20’327.773, due to the economic situation the country is going through. Initially, the amount was USD 42’843.018.

According to the Democracy Code, the Fund “cannot exceed 15% of the maximum electoral spending established for a dignity, with the exception of the budget of the presidential binomials, which must not exceed 12% of the maximum expenditure calculated for the first round. , and 40% for the second round; in the case of assembly members from abroad, it should not exceed 45% of the maximum expenditure ”.

The resources are allocated to finance 45 days of campaigning in the media, because political organizations are prevented from paying for these spaces on their own.

But this also worries the political parties and movements due to the debt of more than 31 million dollars that the State, through the CNE, maintains with the media.

From the general elections of 2017, USD 2’477.145 is due, and from the second round, USD 276.317; from the popular consultation on tax havens, USD 134.757; from the 2018 referendum and popular consultation, USD 297.908; and, from the 2019 sectionals, USD 28’170.577.

During a meeting between the CNE and representatives of the political organizations, the Ministry of Finance reported on the development of instructions to proceed with payments. But the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, was concerned about continuing to generate more debt.

Cecilia Velasque, deputy coordinator of the Pachakutik (PK) movement, pointed out that this issue represents a problem to be able to guide the new propaganda, because surely there will be media that do not want to receive them.

Councilor José Cabrera mentioned that he has information from provincial media that they would not be willing to collaborate with the new elections due to the lack of payments for the 2019 electoral process.

In the case of CREO, its leader Guillermo Lasso announced that he was resigning from this Fund due to the economic needs of the country. But in this case, Atamaint explained that if he renounces those resources his propaganda will not be broadcast in the media.

The CNE must not only manage these resources before Finance, but also the Electoral Operating Budget (POE) to organize the 2021 elections, which is USD 114’317.185.

The head of the electoral body expects the Executive to meet the requirement since they are on time.

They even warned of another debt that is the incentive to the members of the Vote Receiving Boards.

The sum is USD 2’085.640 from the 2017 elections in their first and second rounds, 2018 and 2019.

CNE needs USD 168’087.303 to cover the ongoing process, and the debts.

In addition, for the elections, the Council is obliged to hold two debates with the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, which must be broadcast by the media. This will require USD 305.798 in total, including a second round.

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