30 families have been evicted from Monte Sinaí in Guayaquil

In Monte Sinai, northwest of Guayaquil, the National Police disarmed 30 structures considered illegal settlements this Thursday, July 9, 2020.

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 9, a police operation with heavy machinery would have been deployed, with which about 30 houses were demolished in this sector of Guayaquil. Several images and videos of what happened were shared on social networks.

A platoon of approximately 200 police and military escorted the machinery to allegedly destroy the homes of 30 families in the Cañaveral Cooperative, Ciudad de Dios Sector in Monte Sinaí.

The operation would have been organized by the Guayas Government and the Secretariat for Settlement Prevention.

According to the Humanitarian Law sent to the National Assembly, while the health emergency for the coronavirus lasts, evictions are prohibited, however, this would not have been fulfilled.

An investigation against six land developers has been launched from various control agencies. In the intervened area, the inhabitants are not more than two years old.

Similar operations had already been carried out in this Government in Guasmo at the beginning of January 2020. (C.D.A.)

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