Explocen striking workers were forcibly evicted by the National Police

The strike is motivated by the employers’ refusal to solve their labor problems.

Workers of the Explocen explosives factory, who were on strike outside the company, were evicted by the National Police on the morning of this Friday, July 31, 2020.

With the demand for the dismissed union leaders to return, the workers of the Explocen explosives factory, belonging to the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, are leading a strike that takes more than 15 days to demand the signing of a new collective contract.

The plant is completely paralyzed, around 105 people work in the company, but 58 people are part of the union, who remain on the outskirts of Explocen.

The protests intensified after the dismissal of five workers and the bankruptcy announcement of the company awarded the confinement by Covid-19.

To avoid contagion, striking workers maintain social distancing.

The factory facilities were militarized as a “preventive measure to guarantee the operation of the facilities.”

Union organizations condemned the military presence and the excess of police force, asserted that if any protester reports any injury, it will be the responsibility of the Ecuadorian State.

Police “forcibly took trucks with explosives hitting workers,” the workers reported to the prosecution and the Ombudsman, “this is an outrage against the victims and their constitutional right to protest and to strike.” (C.D.A.)

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