Citizens can file complaints through digital platforms

Photo: El Comercio
Photo: El Comercio

Due to the pandemic, filing complaints physically is complicated. Despite the fact that citizens go to the offices of the Pichincha Prosecutor’s Office they find the doors closed.

A sign behind the metal bars generally announces:

“Dear users, we communicate that the customer service is suspended until a new provision”, but what is not clarified is that complaints about acts of corruption and gender violence can be made directly through the website of the Prosecutor’s Office.

But people do not only seek to denounce, but to present briefs, request proceedings and promote their cases that are under investigation.

Christian Pazmiño, for example, tries to present evidence about a complaint for psychological violence that his ex-partner brought, but when he is unable to do so, he is concerned that the term of the investigation ends next week.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Córdova asked for permission at his job to report a scam, but upon arrival he found the doors closed.

Katy Pozo, 22, takes note of emails and phone numbers, which for now are the only ways to request information.

She indicates that she has already gone to the Prosecutor’s Office in Quitumbe, to the Attorney General’s Office, to Flagrancia and that now they tell her that she must go to the Judicial Police.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, before the emergency in the country, some 6,560 complaints were received every week. Now 3 207 are received, because in other cities the offices are open.

Citizens can also file their complaints on the website of the Council of the Judiciary where there is an online form to report the loss or theft of documents.

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