Ecuador complies with the CAN provision and reduces the international roaming service fee

Photo: El Universo
Photo: El Universo

This benefit is programmed for a determined number of active lines.

A total of 4.1 million lines active in the Advanced Mobile Service (SMA) of the postpaid modality in the country, will benefit from a rate decrease in the international roaming service.

This is a tool that allows users to continue using the mobile services contracted in their country of origin during their stay in other countries.

The Ministry of Telecommunications reported that in accordance with Decision 854 of the Andean Community, since July 19, the progressive and gradual reduction of international roaming costs began in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

According to the Andean standard, until December 31, 2021, international roaming providers must reduce rates, including voice, SMS and data services.

Jorge Pedraza, Secretary General of the Andean Community, pointed out that with this benefit users will not have any additional surcharge.

In our country, the Movistar company already applies this provision. For example, the prices of the roaming service for trips to Colombia, Peru and Bolivia are as follows: voice roaming, outgoing calls USD 0.10 plus tax per minute; incoming calls $ 0.40 plus tax per minute; Outgoing SMS $ 0.10 plus tax and free SMS received; and, data roaming USD 0.03 per megabytes (MB).

Meanwhile, the National Telecommunications Corporation CNT EP indicated that the reduction in costs of its roaming service until the end of the year will be 97% in data service, 95% in voice service and up to 60% in SMS.

With the reduction, CNT rates would be as follows: USD 0.10 per minute outgoing voice; $ 0.40 per minute incoming voice; USD 0.12 outgoing SMS; USD 0.00 incoming SMS; and $ 0.03 per MB for data.

Due to the competition, Claro indicated that since 2019 it offers its users unlimited navigation packages in more than 38 countries and that they can be contracted based on travel days from USD 3.99.

The Ministry of Telecommunications clarified that the reduction will only occur in countries that are part of the CAN.

Days before the CAN resolution, the Telecommunications associations of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia sent a request for a six-month postponement of Decision 854 to the authorities of these countries, until they overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic that has Limited the mobility of people, affecting the demand for roaming packages.

According to CNT, during this time, the use and contracting of the roaming service in the CAN countries have been reduced by 50%.

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