Moreno must take corrective measures or the events of October will return, warns José Serrano

José Serrano, Assembly member of Alianza PAIS, pointed out that last Friday, July 17, the Legislative’s rejection of the Government Minister, María Paula Romo, and the secretary, Juan Sebastián Roldán, was evident, for which he urged the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, to renew his entire cabinet.

He recalled that with more than 86 votes out of a total of 137, without counting abstentions, the Legislature rejected Romo and Roldán, hence he demanded that Moreno at least save the furniture of his regime.

“End your government well, that is what we Ecuadorians demand, those of us who campaigned for you in 2017. Save the government furniture and save the Ecuadorians!”

He warned that if the Head of State does not take corrections, he will continue to receive the rejection by the National Assembly, as happened last week with the shortlist that he described as illegitimate:

“The only person who had any legitimacy was the third person, if the President does not listen, what happened in October will happen again and you will have to roll over.”

“Ecuadorians have a holding capacity and it is running out, we got tired of the photos of the former vice president delivering food bags, treating Ecuadorians like fools,” he said.

The election of María Alejandra Muñoz as the fourth Vice President of the Republic was an act of legality that the Assembly made, Serrano said.

She criticized that colleagues in her organization have put obstacles so that such an election does not occur and passes through the Ministry of Law where Romo would have been the Second President.

“Now concrete actions are required from the President and the Vice President. We will be attentive to the economic turn in this section that remains for the Government. “

Faced with all these facts, Serrano assured that he will not disenroll from Alianza PAIS because he believes in the claim:

“That is my duty, we must claim what we were, this is a very good time to make that claim beyond the political cost, because what happens in the country is devastating”

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