Correa questions former adviser testimony and asks Prosecutor verify alleged calls

After Pamela Martinez gave her testimony as part of the Bribes 2012-2016 case, in which she said she would have received a call from Rafael Correa, the former president said that, “if what she says is true, it is easy to find the call log, unless she dropped the phone, as Chicaiza said.”

Martinez, former presidential advisor and former judge of the Constitutional Court, said she would have received an alleged call from the former president asking if she had destroyed the information of the register that he would have asked her to take it.

«I told him, yes, but I remembered that I had a flash drive with the data. I went to the department in Quito, I found it and put it in a glass of water, ” she said, specifying that the notebook with the contribution registry for Alianza PAIS was made in 2018, after several years of the alleged facts.

“It is public knowledge that I live in Belgium. If what she says is true, it is easy to find a call log, unless she has dropped the phone, as Chicaiza said,” the former president tweeted.

Earlier, Correa’s attorney, Fausto Jarrin, said that “there is absolutely nothing” against Correa and that it must be the Prosecutor’s Office who proves that the theory of the case is real.

Sources: Pichincha Universal.

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