Furukawa is forcing people infected with COVID-19 to work, alert organization

Workers denounce that the company is taking advantage of the situation to continue outsourcing.

The organization “Furukawa never again” reported that there are workers with COVID-19 in the plantations of the Furukawa company, which is facing a criminal and constitutional process for human rights violations. They warn that the company is forcing infected workers to work

The company is accused of subjecting its workers to modern slavery. At the hacienda located at km. 33 of the Quevedo-Santo Domingo highway, one of the workers was diagnosed with COVID-19 and three members of his family would present symptoms related to the disease.

There is another case in the hacienda at kilometer 30 of the same road, and it is presumed that at least two women shopkeepers who worked at km 37 of the same road show symptoms of the disease.

In addition, they warn that Furukawa would not be providing the required equipment and would seek to transfer the costs of tests and protective equipment to the workers, who, according to the alert of the organization, would be forced to move around crowded trucks and buses at night.

They also claim that the company is taking advantage of the health crisis, to fire old staff and hire new “tenants”, who hire “crews” of workers, which would represent outsourcing.

They request the Minister of Health, Juan Caros Zevallos, to guarantee that the families who live and work in the camps within all the farms of Furukawa, while the Minister of Labor, Luis Poveda, arranges an immediate inspection in the 32 farms of the company, to verify possible new violations of workers’ rights.

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