Voter support for Trump’s impeachment is growing, poll shows

A poll argues that the number of voters supporting President Donald Trump’s impeachment increased from 36 percent on September 22 to 43 percent on September 26.

“As more information has emerged about whistleblower allegations against President Trump, support for impeachment proceedings has grown to its highest point since the beginning of the summer,” Morning Consult Vice President Tyler Sinclair said.

Over the past 15 days, Politico/Morning Consult has conducted two online opinion polls. While the first one started after the U.S. House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her support for impeachment proceedings, the second one began after she announced formal investigations.

In its latest investigation, Politico/Morning Consult surveyed 1,640 registered voters and obtained information with a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Sources: Politico, teleSUR.

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