Lula in solidarity with Cristina Fernández and warns of threats

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva today expressed his solidarity with Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez, after suffering an attempted gun attack in Buenos Aires.

All my solidarity to comrade @CFKArgentina, victim of a criminal fascist who does not know how to respect divergences and diversity, Lula wrote on the social network Twitter.

He insisted that “Cristina is a woman who deserves the respect of any democrat in the world. Thank God she escaped unharmed,” he said.

According to the former labor leader, “this violence and political hatred that has been stimulated by some, is a threat to democracy in our region”.

The Workers’ Party presidential candidate for the October elections also demanded that “the author suffers all the legal consequences” and assured that “the democrats of the world will not tolerate any violence in political divergences”.

The also head of the Argentine Senate suffered an attempted attack when a man, identified as Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel, 35 years old and of Brazilian origin, who had a police record for illegal possession of a knife, attacked her as she was greeting supporters upon arrival at her residence in the Recoleta neighborhood of the capital.

The suspect pointed a pistol inches away from Fernandez’s face and tried to pull the trigger, but the device failed, according to preliminary investigations.

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