Syria calls on UN to condemn Israel’s attacks on its airports

Syria reiterated its call on the United Nations Security Council and General Secretariat to condemn Israel’s attacks on its territory.

The Israeli occupier assumes legal, moral, political, and financial responsibility for its deliberate attacks on the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo, and for sabotaging civilian facilities and endangering the lives of citizens, the Foreign Ministry said in a letter to the UN leadership.

The letter recalls that last Wednesday, Tel Aviv perpetrated an air missile attack on the Aleppo international commercial airport, which severely damaged the runway and completely destroyed the air navigation assistance station.

An hour after the first strike, Israel’s missiles destroyed air navigation aids at Damascus International Airport, it added.

The letter concluded by saying that Israel must be held accountable for its deliberate attacks on international airports, among other civilian facilities, and expected the General Secretariat and the Security Council to take immediate actions and a clear stance against the attempts to increase tension in the region by the Israeli occupation authorities.

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