A family is discovered living in the Wuhan market where the coronavirus would have originated

This place was closed in January 2020 following the detection of the virus

On Tuesday March 3, 2020, the staff responsible for disinfecting the seafood market in Wuhan, where the epidemic of the new coronavirus would have originated, discovered four members of a family living in this place, which closed in January following of virus detection.

After the people in charge of cleaning this place made the first round of disinfection, the members of this family were found.

None of the people found, including a child and an older adult, had symptoms of COVID-19. The authorities immediately organized the transfer of citizens to a hotel, where they would be placed in quarantine.

So far, the family has not given reasons for their residence in the place despite the fact that it was closed and emptied. However, an official in charge of his relocation said they had been market employees.

Source: RT

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