Bolivian Chamber of Deputies passes economic project

La Paz, Oct 29 (Prensa Latina) The plenary of the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies today approved the bill that makes the Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES) 2021-2025 viable, official sources reported.

The document called ‘Rebuilding the economy to live well, towards industrialization with import substitution’, establishes the political approach to development planning for the next five years.

It defines goals, results, actions, macroeconomic scenario and multi-annual budget, according to the Bolivian Information Agency (Agencia Boliviana de Información).

In the opinion of the president of the Planning, Economic Policy and Finance Commission, Omar Yujra, the PDES will benefit the nine departments.

‘We are talking about 33,197 million dollars of investment over the next five years in the productive, infrastructure and social areas, mainly education and health,’ he said.

He added that this law proposal in no way attempts against the territorial autonomies as opposition politicians tendentiously pretend to make believe and questioned that they have not been willing to review the content of the project.

The opposition is simply lying to the country, he emphasized.

The Minister of Development Planning, Gabriela Mendoza, explained the scope and objectives of the bill.

She stressed that it has the technical and ideological solvency that will allow Bolivia to make a qualitative leap in the coming years.

Mendoza highlighted that both the plan and the Patriotic Agenda 2015-2025, are instruments that are articulated to promote integral development and the increase of public investment as an engine of the economy.

The PDES is framed within the Productive Social Community Economic Model that was reinstated by the constitutional government of Luis Arce after the 2019 coup.

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