Climate change protests broke out in 2019

Photo: Michael Wheatley/Alamy

“We are skipping our lessons to teach you one.”

Climate change and environmental degradation became the focus of protests in 2019. From Indigenous activists who are leading the charge against environmental degradation to mass protests over the government’s handling of wildfires in Brazil, thousands of people took to the streets to express their concern over how leaders are not responding to this crisis.

Activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement have been protesting in cities around the world, as they demand urgent action from governments. The protests have taken place in countries including the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, and New Zealand.

“We have no choice but to rebel until our government declares a climate and ecological emergency and takes the action that is required to save us,” Australian activist Jane Morton told BBC.

But one of the standout moments came in September when more than 7.6 million people took part in a week of climate strikes in 185 countries. The protests were organized by Fridays for Future, a movement started by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

“We are skipping our lessons to teach you one,” one sign read.

Sources: BBC, Amnesty International

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