Chilean communists launch proposal for presidency of Convention

(Prensa Latina) Representatives of the Communist Party of Chile at the Convention that will draw the new Constitution called on the presidency of the entity to include the presence of women, aborigines and that from the regions.

The Constitutional Convention, to be established next Sunday at the capital, will have among its first tasks electing its presidency, with constituents from the Communist Party pronouncing for it having a Secretary of Participation.

The Party issued a statement on Thursday saying that ‘it ought to be reflected on the presidency and vice-presidency, clearly tuned in with the aspirations of the people and the times we are living in.’

This is why they considered important the presence of women, seats reserved for originary peoples and regions at the directive table, which in their opinion must be expanded by five more members ‘to give representation and governance to the process of consultation that is beginning.’

Just as it was proposed by other groups of constituents, Chilean communists are in favor of making the integration of the Table rotative, ‘in a way that those of us who define as its members last in those responsibilities a set and clear time for all.’

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