Montufar and Villavicencio’s accusation on Bribes case was rejected

Judge Daniela Camacho denied the particular accusation presented by Cesar Montufar and Fernando Villavicencio, on the “Bribes 2012-2016” case due to lack of arguments.

On August 19, Montufar and Villavicencio presented their particular accusation against former President Rafael Correa and other former lawmakers to the National Court of Justice.

Montufar accused Correa and other former lawmakers of illicit association, influence peddling, and bribery.

Villavicencio revealed that in addition to the US$ 6,000 that would have been allegedly handed over to the former president, a loan for US$ 20,000 would have been granted. These elements would not have been useful for the accusation.

Sources: Expreso, Pichincha Universal.

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