Anti-government demonstrations will continue in Colombia

(Prensa Latina) Demonstrations and strikes will continue today in Colombia, while talks between the government and the National Strike Committee are still stagnant.

A monument to Resistance was unveiled on Sunday in Cali, one of the cities with the highest number of dead, wounded and disappeared by police violence against peaceful protesters.

With concerts and cultural activities and before thousands of people in Puerto Resistencia, the monument was inaugurated.

Massive protests errupted on April 28 in Colombia against a proposal of tax reform presented by Ivan Duque´s government and rejected by an important part of the population.

Even though the measure was removed for study and text changes, demonstrations still go on in the country.

According to the Social and Indigenous Alternative Movement Senator Feliciano Valencia, in 47 days the strike has managed to stall the tax reform, the health reform and caused the removal of Minister of Finance Alberto Carrasquilla, of Government Representative Claudia Blum and of Cali´s Police Commander Juan Carlos Rodríguez-

Likewise, it stopped the millionaire-sum purchase of 24 warfare aircrafts and the everyday Prevention and Action shows´ speeches by the president where he appeared to deal with Covid-19 topics.

Valencia also added that free-of-charge registration for this year´s second semester for public higher education low-income students was pulled off.

The strike managed to bring forward the need for structural changes in National Police, bring to light the Youth, the Front Line and Indigenous as political players, the politician assured.

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