CONAIE: “Govt presented a misrepresented version of what happened in Cotopaxi”

Photo: Conaie

They reiterate their complaint about the division attempts promoted by government authorities.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) said the Government presented “a misrepresented version” on what happened with aid missions in Cotopaxi. They clarified that workers were never retained, prevented or threatened, “since there was no contact even” with the brigades of the “Toda Una Vida” Plan.

On Nov. 24 night, the National Secretariat of Communication issued a statement saying that the CONAIE leader, along with some people, prevented the brigades of the “Toda Una Vida” Plan from passing to the community of Tigua, Cotopaxi.

The CONAIE explained that Jaime Vargas was fulfilling some commitments. “They coincide near the Tigua organization,” where the community members and authorities coordinated with the Police the presence of the “Toda Una Vida” Plan brigade.

The behavior of the CONAIE leader was like an indigenous authority, to verify that the brigade provides technical and social assistance without exercising political division or proselytism.

They clarified that people were never retained, prevented or threatened, “since they did not even have contact with them.” They explained that the only contact that Vargas had was with the Police.

The use of these media strategies of delegitimization of our indigenous authorities is permanent and proves the desperation of the National Government against its lack of credibility. ”

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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