Violence against social leaders continues in Colombia

Photo: EFE
Photo: EFE

According to the Institute for Development and Peace Studies, there are 246 social leaders assassinated in Colombia this year.

Peasant and environmental organizations denounced the murder of two activists on Thursday, while two other leaders were unharmed in two attacks with firearms in various regions of Colombia.

The mayor of the municipality of Nuquí, in the department of Chocó, in the northwest of the South American country, reported that on Thursday the Colombian-Spanish community leader Juana Perea, who ran an ecotourism hotel in the town of Termales, was murdered by people still without identify.

“With much nostalgia today we learned about her murder. This leaves a very bad message for the area and for security here in Chocó ”, expressed the president of the Institutional and Community Group of Artisanal Fishing (GICPA), Luis Perea.

The body of Juana Perea, who was 50 years old and opposed to the construction of a port in the area, was found in front of the municipality’s police station, on the beach.

That same Thursday, an armed group murdered the traditional indigenous doctor Pompilio Narváez in his residence, in the town of El Plateado, department of Cauca, in the southwest.

Earlier, the indigenous senator Feliciano Valencia, spokesman for the Minga del Suroccidente, published on his Twitter account that he was the victim of an attack in northern Cauca, from which he emerged unharmed.

The congressman explained that the vehicle in which he was transported was attacked with rifle bursts on the road that leads from El Palo, Caloto, to Tacueyó, in the municipality of Toribío, in Cauca.

Likewise, the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), in a tweet, warned that the Wayuu leader Irama Movil, who is a member of that group, suffered an attack.

“Her security vehicle was shot, there are 2 injured, she was unharmed. WE DEMAND that the life of the leader and her family be protected, ”claimed the indigenous organization.

According to statistics from the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz), from last January to date, 246 social leaders have been murdered in Colombia.

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