CNE officially called the general elections of 2021

From today, September 18, until October 7, applications can be registered in person or online.

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Diana Atamaint, officially called the general elections of 2021. This decision was unanimously supported by the 5 councilors of this body.

The call was made to more than 13 million citizens entitled to vote (over 18 and under 65) to stand in the elections of February 7, 2021 and elect: president, vice president, assembly members and Andean parliamentarians.

Atamaint indicated that, due to the economic and health crisis, the CNE had to rethink the electoral schedule, as well as the services to citizens that were virtual such as change of electoral address, electoral register, consultation system for passive registration, registration of pre-candidacies and electoral alliances.

On the other hand, the president of the CNE specified that there will be a new way of electing dignitaries. This will be by list and no longer individually. There will only be one box on the ballot to choose the party of your choice.

In addition, she recalled that from September 18 until 6:00 p.m. on October 7, presidential candidacies can be registered. The electoral campaign will start on December 31, 2020 until February 4.

Four hours before broadcasting the call, the Plenary appointed the members of the 25 provincial electoral boards, who from today will be in charge of registering and qualifying the provincial and foreign candidacies.

Before the appointment, the Plenary read a statement from the Ministry of Finance, with which it was informed about the disbursement of USD 1.3 million to hire the members of the provincial boards.

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