Uruguay: Two Presidential Candidates debate economy and security

Photo: CNN

It is the first time presidential candidates debate on live television in more than 25 years.

The presidential frontrunners for Uruguay’s upcoming elections Daniel Martinez for the left-wing Broad Front and for the right-wing National Party, Luis Lacalle Pou, debated on national TV prior to Oct. 27 polls.

They discussed for an hour and a half, four main topics: economy, security, human development, and productivity.

Martinez asked the people to continue consolidating achievements such as poverty reduction and the creation of more than 300,000 jobs per year, despite acknowledging that 50,000 jobs were lost, an argument made by his opponent.

Regarding security, Broad Front’s candidate reiterated the measures at strengthening of police operations and professionalization of the criminal investigation.

While Lacalle wasn’t convinced saying that crime increased by 48 percent and homicides by 54 percent.

Source: teleSUR.

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