In Ecuador 18 political organizations are empowered to exercise their primary elections to nominate candidates

Four political movements are suspended and one was canceled

In Ecuador 23 political organizations are preparing to nominate their candidates to participate in the elections of February 7, 2021, in which the dignities for the Presidency of the Republic, National Assembly and Andean Parliament will be elected.

The primaries (internal election processes of political organizations) will take place between August 9 and 23 and will be accompanied by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Although there are 23 political organizations that will comply with this process, at the moment, 18 are empowered to do so, as Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante (AEA) was canceled and four other movements are suspended, after being observed by the Comptroller’s Office.

So far seven political shops have already reached consensus on their presidential titles. The “Creo” movement was the first to ratify that its leader, Guillermo Lasso, will seek to reach Carondelet for the third time.

The national convention for his nomination is expected to be on August 15.

“SUMA”, on the other hand, points to the Manabi legislator Guillermo Celi as his option for the Presidency.

Meanwhile, “Pachakutik”, political arm of the indigenous movement, resolved that Yaku Pérez, current prefect of Azuay, be the consensus candidate for his primaries, scheduled for August 22.

“Democracia Sí” the name of Gustavo Larrea sounds to get to Carondelet and on August 12 his appointment would be defined, after the movement’s convention.

In “Sociedad Patriótica” the candidate Lucio Gutiérrez will seek the First Magistracy again. These days, the movement elects its 24 provincial delegates, who will be in charge of appointing the candidates in the primaries, by secret ballot. This was announced by Gilmar Gutiérrez.

Álvaro Noboa does not want to be left out of the electoral process either, although his political organization was canceled, it is not ruled out that he participates with other movements.

Fernando Balda has the unanimous support of “Libertad es Pueblo”, a movement that was suspended by the CNE, as well as “Fuerza Compromiso Social”, “Podemos” and “Justicia Social”

The “Christian Social Party” plans to reach a definition on August 17. The names of Cristina Reyes, Henry Cucalón, Henry Kronfle, César Rohón and ex-assembly member Luis Fernando Torres sound, but the window for an independent figure also remains open.

The Citizen Revolution makes measurements to define its candidate. Among the candidates is Pierina Correa, Marcela Aguiñaga, María Isabel Salvador, Carlos Rabascall, Bolívar Armijos, Gustavo Jalkh and Xavier Lasso.

In relation to organizations such as Alianza PAIS, Izquierda Democrática, Ruptura, among other movements, they have not yet elected their representatives to participate in the next elections.

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