CNE would distribute USD 42 million to 27 political organizations for elections in 2021

This is a projection of the Promotion Directorate of the National Electoral Council for the upcoming electoral process.

The Promotion Directorate of the National Electoral Council (CNE) estimates that 23 political organizations, seven more than in 2017, will participate in the electoral process to be held on February 7, 2021.

According to this projection, the Electoral Promotion Fund for these elections would be around 42.8 million dollars, compared to the general ones of 2017, when 26.9 million were destined.

For this 59% increase, the increase in the electoral population was taken into account. The number of voters in 2017 was around 12’816,698, while in 2021 it will be 13’128,829, according to the Electoral Registry Directorate. This represents an increase of 2.4%.

Likewise, with the reform of article 209 of the Democracy Code approved in December 2019, the values ​​of the maximum limit of electoral spending by dignity were increased, which are also calculated by the number of movements and candidates. This means that the greater the number of participants, the greater the promotional fund for their applications.

But the counselor Luis Verdesoto explained that these amounts are distributed according to the number of organizations. In other words, the more political movements there are, the fewer resources will correspond to each one.

He indicated that the allocation of these resources by the State is to prevent them from coming from private donors.

Electoral consultant Oswaldo Moreno is not concerned with the number of pre-candidates because he knows that not all faces will appear on the ballot. But what it does question are the contents that are already being disseminated to the population as candidates.

For him, the division in the right-wing trend persists. “One day (Guillermo) Lasso appears as the option, then Otto (Sonnenholzner). I perceive a dispersion and instability due to the absence of leadership, “he said.

Added to this would be the appearance of Álvaro Noboa on the political board, although the CNE canceled his Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante movement.

It is evident that political movements are going through a crisis in their system, which is evident in the dispersion due to lack of agreements, says Fausto Camacho, coordinator of the Citizen Electoral Observatory.

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