Comptroller will insist with sanctioning actions against the CNE to eliminate four political movements

The General Comptroller of the State clarified that it will continue with the administrative and sanctioning processes so that the National Electoral Council (CNE) cancels the registration of four political movements.

The announcement was made after several courts in the country denied ten actions for precautionary measures imposed against the Comptroller’s report that recommends that the CNE invalidate the registration of the movements: ““Justicia Social”; “Podemos”; Libertad es Pueblo” y “Fuerza Compromiso Social”, from the Permanent Register of Political Organizations.

Through a statement, the CGE explained that the magistrates determined that this institution “is the competent authority to issue this administrative act in accordance with the powers that the Constitution grants it.”

“The rulings indicate that the tasks of public control do not constitute an interference in the actions of the CNE, since the Comptroller’s Office must monitor respect for the current legal framework in the administrative, financial and operational efforts of the institutions that use state resources.”

Days ago, several members of the Social Commitment Force movement filed for precautionary measures and protection actions in different provinces to prevent the Comptroller’s recommendations from being applied.

In the same way, Paúl Carrasco, president of the Juntos Podemos movement, filed a protection action against the organization.

Source: State Comptroller General / The Universe

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