Washington builds new illegal air base in Syria

Photo: Prensa Latina
Photo: Prensa Latina

(Prensa Latina) The U.S. Army established a new illegal air base in the town of Yarubiyah, in the northeastern corner of the province of Hasakeh, located at 865 kilometers northeast of the Syrian capital.
The new base was built between the town of Um Kahif and the wheat silo facilities about five miles south of Yarubiyah city, SANA news agency reported, citing local activists.

They indicated that the US occupation forces together with their militia called Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) entered the aforementioned facility with logistical equipment and erected concrete barriers around it, as well as seized some nearby government entities.

In addition, a convoy of 40 trucks loaded with logistical material and military equipment entered Syrian territory through the Al-Walid crossing with Iraq and headed for the cities of Qamishli and Hasakeh in order to reinforce the military facilities.

In addition, a convoy of 30 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil and guarded by US armoured vehicles left Syria for Iraq, the sources said.

Washington relocated several of at least 12 bases it has in the region to Syria’s oil and gas fields, and Damascus repeatedly denounced the illegal presence of U.S. troops, calling it an occupation and assuring that they would be forced to leave the country in the face of increased popular resistance.

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