Trump diverts $3.6B from U.S. military to build the border wall

The United States Department of Defense will redirect US$3.6 billion from more than 120 U.S. military construction projects to help build 175 miles (282 km) of the border wall with Mexico.

“Construction could begin as early as within 100 days on land owned by the Defense Department, such as the Barry Goldwater Air Force Range in Arizona,” Elaine McCusker, the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Comptroller, said.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, considers: “My view of it is that stealing money from military construction, at home and abroad, will undermine our national security, quality of life and morale of our troops, and that indeed makes America less safe.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said on Tuesday it would ask for a court order preventing the Trump administration from reallocating military funds to use for border wall construction. “We’ll be back in court very soon to block Trump’s latest effort to raid military funds for his xenophobic wall.”

Sources: Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Hill, USA Today, CNN.

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