Citizen Revolution calls for President Lenin Moreno’s ouster

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“We echo what the people want—early elections,” Rivadeneira said.

Assemblymember and leader of the left-leaning Citizens’ Revolution, Gabriela Rivadeneira, announced her party wants early elections in order to “move past the political crisis” that the country is going through.

Rivadeneira insisted that the assembly call an “extraordinary session” to examine the administration’s “austerity measures” and to process the “removal of President Lenin Moreno.”

“We want to investigate the use of the state of exception and the removal of President Lenin Moreno,” announced Rivadeneira. “We echo what the people want—early elections,” she added.

Rivadeneira said that she wants the assembly to return Ecuador’s “rule of law” that was taken away by Moreno’s state of exception that allows authorities to govern outside the constitution.

During the all-day strike and protests across the country, police and military have been accused of using excessive force against demonstrators. In Quito there were several instances of the National Police intimidating, hitting or overall preventing the members of the press from reporting on the protests and the police responses toward demonstrators.

The president claimed that “dialogue” had been “exhausted” with the opposition. The leader went on to accuse protesters of trying being coup leaders, who want “to destabilize the democratically-elected government” but who will “pay the consequences.”

Sources: teleSUR, El Comercio.

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