4 204 complaints of human rights violations were registered in the first month of a health emergency in Ecuador

The Ombudsman sent this documentation to the Constitutional Court so that the pertinent control can be carried out

The Ombudsman’s Office issued a statement to alert that in the first month of the health emergency in Ecuador 4 204 complaints of human rights violations were registered.

These alerts were collected by various sources from March 20 to April 20, 2020 and most of them are due to Ecuadorians stranded abroad in precarious situations. They report improper charges by financial institutions, violations of the right to health and the right to work.

According to the report, of these 4 204 alerts, 388 occur on situations that violate the right to health such as: The lack of removal of bodies on the street; COVID-19 infections in members of the public force, of public servants; the lack of health care for those with symptoms; the lack of supplies and protection material for medical personnel; lack of truthful public information; inadequate handling in the protocol of in-hospital corpses; lack of labeling and loss of bodies and lack of evidence of COVID-19.

Another 369 alerts were reported on situations that violate the right to work, such as: inadequate safety and health conditions at work; Lack of access to telework; non-payment of remuneration; untimely dismissals under article 169 number 6 of the Labor Code; failure to pay settlement payments; reduction of remuneration; compulsory provision for taking vacations and intimidation of the worker for reporting violations of their labor rights in the context of COVID-19.

235 alerts on situations that violate the rights of consumers and users, most of which are due to complaints of rights violations by financial institutions. 234 alerts about reports of people evicted from their homes, due to delays in paying the rent. 198 alerts on complaints from national families and on human mobility that do not have the economic resources to provide themselves with food.

Finally, the 2 780 alerts of complaints from Ecuadorians stranded abroad, in 55 countries, in precarious situations of subsistence stand out.

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