Uganda announces the end of the Ebola outbreak

Ugandan health authorities announced the end of the Ebola outbreak that for four months devastated parts of the country, including this capital, and caused the death of 55 infected people, according to official statistics.

However, the real cost may have been higher as nearly two dozen people died but were buried before it was possible to do the required tests to know the cause of their deaths.

We have controlled the Ebola outbreak, said the Ugandan Minister of Health, Ruth Aceng, during a ceremony in the district of Mubende (center) where the disease was first detected last September, proclaimed.

Her announcement was endorsed in a statement on the subject issued by the World Health Organization, whose director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, praised the Ugandan government’s ‘robust and comprehensive response’ to the deadly disease.

Prensa Latina

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