Ecuador’s parliament debates several legal projects

The plenary session of Ecuador’s National Assembly is debating several legal bills on Thursday on a long day ahead of next week’s legislative recess.

Convened by Speaker Virgilio Saquicela the MPs are resuming debate on the bill against human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants, and the Law on Integral Disaster Risk Management.

The plenary session also holds the second debate on the reforms to the Organic Code of Planning and Public Finance to Guarantee Incremental Budgets in Health and Education, as well as the reforms to the Law on the Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries and the bill to reform the Organic Law on Human Mobility for the first discussion.

The 775th session is taking place in the morning and will end in the afternoon, according to the agenda.

Among the closing issues is the first debate on the bill to reform the Law on Human Mobility and the second debate to modify the Organic Law on the Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries.

The meeting is taking place as a preamble to the legislative recess, scheduled from September 12 to September 26.

Prensa Latina

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