Ecuador seizes over 1.5 tons of cocaine

Ecuadorian Police Department has seized more than 1.5 tons of cocaine in raids conducted in the city of Guayaquil.

Actions made it possible to police to seize 959 kg of cocaine at one of Guayaquil’s seaports.

Operations done at the pre-shipment area allowed the seizure of cocaine hidden in tuna cans to supposedly be sent to Great Britain.

According to police reports, law enforcement agents found 960 rectangular-shaped packages containing 959 kg of cocaine.

Police´s seizure prevented about 9,590,400 cocaine doses from going abroad.

Hours earlier, there was another seizure in an export banana container to Italy.

From early-2022 to first week of August, Ecuadorian police has seized over 118 tons of cocaine.

In this context, an UN´s report assured Ecuador is the world´s third country with highest number of cocaine seizures, preceded by Colombia and the United States.

Prensa Latina

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