“Catastrophic situation” in Argentine hospitals

Medical groups have appealed to the government asking for urgent intervention to avert mass closures of health centers in Argentina. “The situation is catastrophic,” said Jorge Cherro, President of the Association of Private Clinics, Sanatoriums and Hospitals (Adecra), one of the groups that launched the appeal.

Cherro lays the blame squarely at the feet of the Mauricio Macri administration, saying, “This government has brought us to this catastrophic situation, they must adopt urgent, forceful and creative measures to save the sector.”

One of the biggest problems facing Argentina’s health system is that inflation has made medical supplies hard to obtain within hospital budgets; furthermore, Cherro points out that some supplies from abroad do not deliver to the country anymore because of pricing instability.

Argentina’s inflation has reached 50 percent, causing sharp rises in poverty and unemployment. The country’s crisis follows the election of President Mauricio Macri who took on a multibillion-dollar IMF loan. The subsequent privatizations and deregulation have triggered an inflationary crisis.

Sources: Pagina 12, Los Andes, teleSUR.

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