Pichincha Government clarifies that budget increase is due to the reclassification made in 2018 by former prefect

The prefecture paid pensions and executed 76.37% of its total budget

The Government of Pichincha clarified that the news published by various media, about the increase in costs in the administration of the Prefect, Paola Pabón, is decontextualized, since the increase to which it refers is due to the reclassification of posts and Wages arranged by the former prefect, Gustavo Baroja. In addition, for the payment of retirement pensions and the execution of 76.37% of its total budget.

In 2018, 60.62% of the allocated budget was executed, according to an institutional report, this means that the previous administration had a low execution.

In 2019, budget execution was 76.37%. This improvement is driven by the expense of investment in public works. These figures show an increase in efficiency in budget execution.

In reference to the increase in personnel expenses, the GADPP emphasizes that this occurred for two reasons: the first, because in the previous administration a reclassification of positions was approved at the end of 2018, arranged by former prefect Gustavo Baroja.

This meant an increase of about USD 2,713,000 for nomination changes and promotions. The increase in the salary mass did not respond to the increase in workers, but to the increase in the salaries of GAD staff.

The second reason is because the institution was updated with the outstanding pensions of previous years, and this expense is part of the personnel expenses item.

On the other hand, the Prefecture reported that in 2019 it was not spent on the preparation of studies as the previous administration did.

Budget execution data indicate that in 2018 more was spent on “Hiring Studies, Research and Specialized Technical Services than in 2019. That is, in 2018 $ 5,597,983.23 was spent and in 2019 $ 4,974 was spent. 790.54, the direction is $ 623,192.69

Here we show the file with the response of the Prefecture of Pichincha

Source: Prefecture

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