Puerto Rican protesters will demand authorities’ resignation for not distributing humanitarian aid


Tomorrow in Puerto Rico, protesters will demand the resignation of the Governor Wanda Vazquez and the Senate President Thomas Rivera, for mismanagement of the crisis after earthquakes that hit that island.

Another controversy with the government of Puerto Rico is unleashed after images of a 3,800m2 warehouse full of emergency supplies for those affected by Hurricane Maria appeared – social events that happened two years ago – while sectors of the population are in need help for the effects of the earthquake.

More than 2,000 earthquakes – the largest of them with magnitude 6.4 – have shaken the southern zone causing chaos and devastation.

People in Puerto Rico discovered unused aid — including expired baby food and mattresses after earthquakes.

Vázquez and Rivera are accused of mismanagement for not distributing humanitarian aid to the victims of earthquake.

Now, protesters demand to advance the elections to replace these officials.

Source: Prensa Latina, Ajplus

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