Health Minister would face impeachment for not providing data on irregularities in disability cards

So far, the Commission investigating this case has not received the documentation from this Secretary of State.

The assembly members who are part of the Health Commission, in charge of investigating the fraudulent issuance of disability cards, warned that the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, could face impeachment for not submitting the information requested by this legislative board on this process.

The Health Commission met to know the data that was going to be sent by the Ministry of Health on irregularities in obtaining disability cards, but the Secretariat of the legislative committee reported that they did not receive any information.

Given this, the assembly members recalled that the maximum term that Minister Zevallos has to deliver the information that was requested expires next Monday, August 10.

In the same way, they warned that if the information does not arrive until the report is approved in the Commission, the file will be passed to the Plenary for that instance to resolve regarding the situation of the Minister of Health, since all the public authorities who appeared they pointed to the responsibility of the ministry around the issuance of disability credentials.

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