Medical Federation warns that there are more than 3,000 members of the health staff infected with Covid-19

1,900 doctors tested positive for coronavirus, 220 are in Pichincha.

Coronavirus infections among health personnel are increasing, mainly in the province of Pichincha.

Santiago Carrasco, president of the Medical Federation of Ecuador, reported that of the more than 3,000 health staff members infected with the virus, 1,900 are doctors and 220 are in Pichincha.

During a television interview, Carrasco mentioned that there are several cases of doctors who are in intensive care and others who have overcome the disease. But, he also said that 130 have died.

As soon as the number of infections in Pichincha increased, Carrasco criticized the authorities for pointing out that the situation was under control.

In June, the head of the Medical Federation already anticipated that hospitals were collapsed and that there were people waiting for a bed. Meanwhile, the Health Minister, Juan Carlos Zevallos, only at the end of the month acknowledged that the number of people waiting to be served was 50 to 90.

Carrasco is one of the people who have criticized the authorities for lifting the confinement in the capital, during the days when the increase in the pandemic was evident.

He called for the information on the situation in the capital to be disclosed, since many people would die in ambulances and emergency rooms.

He suggested that it is best not to reopen the beaches, after the national COE announced its authorization for July 22.

Juan Zapata, director of ECU-911, commented that Quito tops the list of cities with the most agglomerations.

In March, for example, of the 39,000 agglomerations that were registered, 7,400 were in the capital.

Quitumbe, Chillogallo, La Ecuatoriana, Solanda, Guamaní, Guajaló, Centro Histórico, Panecillo, Calderón, San Juan de Calderón, Colinas del Norte and La Ofelia are the sectors in which most agglomerations are detected.

Source: La Hora, social networks

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