China drops criminal charges for violating Covid-19 measures

 China stopped punishing those who violate control and prevention measures against Covid-19 and ordered the release of individuals arrested for these crimes since 2020.

The judicial authorities ordered the return of the properties and the unfreezing of the assets of the citizens imprisoned for this reason and indicated that the end of the policy is in line with the modifications made to the country’s health strategy, adopted this Sunday.

However, acts, such as attacking the safety of health personnel, hindering order in medical institutions, as well as producing and selling counterfeit drugs and materials will still be sanctioned.

China degraded the emergency level on Sunday and eliminated more health controls to focus on serious cases and expand vaccination.

This implies the end of the requirement to isolate and carry out PCR tests on those who arrive from abroad, Hong Kong and Macao. However, travelers still need negative results from a test taken 48 hours before arriving in China and the use of masks during the journey.

The authorities will also not quarantine positive cases, have stopped tracing close contacts, and will no longer designate high-risk transmission areas of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Prensa Latina

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