President Biden´s approval rating rebounds to highest level in a year

Although President Joe Biden’s approval rating rose nine points in August, according to recent polls, even today´s statistics show most of Americans reject his job as president.

In just one month, however, President Biden´s job approval has jumped to 44%. His rating among independent voters (not registered as Republican or Democrat) rose from 31% to 40% in a single month. Among Democrats, his rating rose from 78% to 81%. But he is still at rock bottom (4%) with GOP voters.

These figures showed that some 56-60% of Americans disapprove or disagree with Biden´s job as president.

Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal opinion poll published past Thursday showed Democrats with a three-point lead over Republicans as voters were asked which party they would support in their congressional district whether the Nov. 8 midterm elections were held at that time.

For some analysts that momentum is still not enough and forecast GOPers will indeed retake control of the House of Representatives in November.

Biden’s decline in the polls was blamed in part on months of Democratic in-fighting over a sweeping domestic policy bill.

The measure appeared dead before a sudden pact was announced in July between Democratic Senators Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and Upper House Majority Leader Charles Schumer (New York) on a scaled-down package of climate, health and tax measures.

The Blue Party strongly believes that approving that initiative, formally known as the Inflation Reduction Act, was motivation needed to convince voters in coming Nov. 8 midterm elections.

Opinion polls also revealed that abortion is the core issue for Americans, ahead of economy and inflation.

The Supreme Court’s conservative call to overturn Roe v. Wade case on June 24, which struck down legal protections for abortion, energized the Democratic base for the upcoming election.

“I still think one of major factors in coming midterm election is the Roe v. Wade case overturning,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake.

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