Venezuela and UN to sign cooperation agreement

 Venezuela and the United Nations (UN) reached a cooperation 2023-2026 agreement to cover strategic health, education, food, science and technology, social care and economy sectors.

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez declared this agreement is on the right collaboration track and is part of the human right for the peoples´ development, as reported by the Venezuelan News Agency.

Rodríguez said this plan as the only track for developing Venezuela, which was blocked and attacked by governments that “do not respect human rights”.

He pointed out the Venezuelan people faced “alone” the worst aggression in the history of the Republic, and mentioned the more than 763 unilateral and extortive coercive measures imposed by the United States and allies.

Minister of Planning Ricardo Menéndez highlighted, on the other hand, cooperation links with the United Nations and praised the one related to sustainable development towards 2030.

Prensa Latina

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