Chile denounces right-wing plans on the constituent process

About a hundred Chilean social organizations condemned the attempt of conservative sectors to ‘kidnap’ the constituent process currently underway in Congress and also prevent the free exercise of popular sovereignty.

In a statement published here, the signatories warn that the only way to define the Constitution is through an instance integrated by members directly elected by the citizens, of parity character, with reserved seats and representatives of the independent world.

In this way, the social, union, indigenous, environmental and human rights organizations condemned the intention of the right wing to entrust the drafting of a new Constitution to a committee of experts or to Congress.

To advance in matters of respect and guarantee of rights such as health, education, social security, decent housing, among others, must be a priority for the State as a whole and cannot, therefore, be the object of any negotiation or postponement, according to the statement.

It recalled that the demand to move towards a new fundamental law to replace the one in force since the dictatorship (1973-1990) emerged from the 2019 protests.

“We want to warn that there will be no social peace if the sectors defending the status quo intend to go back to the state of affairs to the Chile before the social outbreak,” the statement warned.

To the president of the Chilean Human Rights Commission, Carlos Margotta, with their maneuver the conservatives can bring about a new mobilization like the one in 2019.

Prensa Latina

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