Chile confirms at UN its commitment to move towards new Constitution

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, expressed here today his conviction that in the short term his country will have a new Constitution that will satisfy and make all citizens proud.

In his speech to the 77th session of the General Assembly, Boric explained how a few weeks ago a proposal for a new constitution to replace the one in force since the dictatorship was clearly rejected in a plebiscite by 62 percent of the votes against 38.

The president recalled that the idea of changing the Constitution arose from the social outburst of 2019, when a large majority of Chileans expressed their discomfort with inequality and abuses, with long waits for medical care, their weariness with student debts and their rejection of poverty pensions.

Although poverty has been reduced during the democratic governments of the last 30 years, it is undeniable that the development model adopted in Chile has maintained a high concentration of wealth, leading us to be one of the most unequal countries in the world, he said.

The president affirmed that, for this reason, what happened in 2019 was not a coincidence, but the consequence of countless stories of pain and procrastination that were incubating.

He recalled that during the outbreak there were serious acts of violence, such as the burning of subway stations, but also the country witnessed an uncontrolled repression, which ended with deaths and injuries and more than 400 people with eye trauma due to the state action.

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